Jay and Victoria

February 26, 2020

Hi Elena!

Wow! Beautiful pictures you are such a talented photographer! Thank you so much! We were such good actresses it didnt show we were shivering in the cold . Again, thank you so much, we were so glad with the product and also made the right decision to choose you as our photographer 🥰



Jay and Victoria

LA and Yanne

February 17, 2020

Dear Elena,


Thank you so much! The pictures and the video - it was so nice and awesome! Thumbs up for your work and from the bottom of our hearts, we really appreciate the effort that you have put into every picture and shot that you have made. :) :) :)


Thanks for making our day memorable! 


All the best and definitely you are really special, for the talent that you have - We are so lucky that we have met you!  :) God Bless!




LA and Yanne

Bianca and Ahmed

October 10, 2019

Hi Elena,


Cannot thank you enough for this! Everything is so beautiful! 


You did a wonderful job and we thank you for making our day special. I will be sure to recommend you to others. 


Wishing you all the best!



Bianca and Ahmed

Priyanka and Wellison

September 20, 2019

Dear Elena,


We don't know how to properly thank you for giving us the most beautiful wedding photos that we have ever seen. From the very beginning of bridal preparations to our wedding lunch, you were right there ready to capture every moment. We have never felt so comfortable being in front of the camera. You put us at ease from the moment we met you despite our fears about being photographed. Thank you for photographing all the memories of our big day...the most incredible day...and your photographs captured the complete joy we felt that day. We really appreciate that you took time to come and share our day with us.
So a huge thanks from us for the everlasting memories, spectacular pictures and making our love story. 



Best Regards,


Priyanka and Wellison

Chloe and Rene

August 27, 2019

Thank you thank you thank you so much Elena!! Absolutely perfect. I'm so happy. You have done the most amazing job :D

And big extra thanks for doing the extra editing for me. I really appreciate it.


I wish you all the best for the future and hope to cross paths again soon :) 


Chloe and Rene

Julia & Drake

August 26, 2019



Thank you so so much! The pictures are amazing, we love them!! and the slideshow really made me cry to be honest with you! this is just perfect!!


Julia & Drake

Karina og Simon

July 17, 2019

Hej Elena


Tuuuuusind tak! Der er virkelig mange gode billeder iblandt! 

Sikke nogle gode minder at have med videre. Mange tak for det! 


Med venlig hilsen

Karina og Simon

Christian & Monica

July 04, 2019

Hej Elena


Tusind tak for de mange smukke billeder og den fantastiske video, hvor du virkelig har fået det hele med.

Jeg er ovenud lykkelig for, at du var vores fotograf :) 


Vi er så glade for, at du havde lyst til at forevige vores dag.


De bedste hilsner

Christian & Monica

Isabelle and Peter

June 11, 2019

Dear Elena,


THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the pictures are amazing and we cannot stop watching the video !

we LOVE IT !!!!!


You have made our day even more special !!!





Isabelle and Peter

Sara and Rob

June 03, 2019

Hi Elena 


Thank you so much!! Your email has absolutely made our week and is perfect timing as we fly to South Africa tomorrow and will be telling my family our fantastic news. 

The photos are amazing and perfect and the video is such a special gift, thank you! We can’t wait to start showing everyone and we will treasure these. 


Thank you again! :) 



Sara and Rob

Annette & Christian

May 03, 2019

Kære Elena


Hvor er det blevet flot! Vi er utrolig glade for billederne og videoen :)


 Venlig hilsen 

Familien Rønne Bjerregaard 

Mai & Chanda

March 06, 2019

Dear Elena, 


Thank you so much!  We have watched the video and looked at the pictures over and over again.We just can't believe how beautiful everything turned out to be despite of the weather.  You are an amazing photographer.  Our family and friends love the video and photos. Some  of four family and friends were so moved that they were even in tears watching the video.  Thank you for capturing such beautiful and sweet memories of our day.  We will treasure this forever. 


Now Happily Married, 

Mai and Chanda

Angela & Omar

March 13, 2019

Elena has such a soulful spirit, and she brought exactly that to our photos of our wedding. We just recently got married in Copenhagen, and when I saw Elena's work online, I knew in my gut we needed to have her capture our memories for family and friends to see! And they always say to trust your gut, and we were not disappointed!! :) Elena is a fantastic photographer! She has an "eye" for magic, and for that we are truly thankful! Thank you and anyone is lucky to have you on their special day!! ❤️❤️❤️

Rene and Kaixin

January 29, 2019

Thank you so very much! We are very, very happy with how the photos turned out!! You really do amazing work!!


You've really helped so much in making our wedding such a memorable experience for us. We can't thank you enough!


Best wishes to you as well- we have definitely been thoroughly enjoying married life so far!

Sophie and Mitch

December 19, 2018

Thank you so much, we love them! Thank you for being part of our special day, you’re a talented and wonderful woman! 

Vahid and Aletta 

December 07, 2018

Dear Elena, 


Thank you soooo much!! We LOVE it!! The video as well as the pictures - just perfect! 


Thank you again for everything! We were so lucky to have you as our photographer on our big day! 


Wishing you all the best and I'm sure that you'll make many more couples very happy with your talent. 


Kindest regards,


Vahid and Aletta 

Casey & Reuben

October 31, 2018

Thank you SO SO SO SO SO MUCH!!! We absolutely love the pictures and working with you!You are the best!


Take Care, Casey & Reuben

Екатерина и Йеппе

August 24, 2018



УРААА!!! Очень-очень круто!!!!


Видео здорово получилось!!!! Мы такие смешные на фотосессии)))))))))))))))))


Спасибо огромное еще раз и огромных Вам творческих успехов и семейного благополучия!!!


Катя и Йеппе

Ольга и Юрий

July 19, 2018

Дорогая Лена!


Спасибо огромное за фотографии!!!  Фотографии просто супер, Вы действительно большой Мастер!


Отдельная благодарность за so nice видео - его можно смотреть до бесконечности!

Всего Вам наилучшего!


Оля, Юра

Елена и Роман

July 04, 2018

Леночка, фото получили, спасибо огромное. Мы просто в восторге)))) 
Нам было безумно легко и комфортно на фотосессии, жалко, что мы живём так далеко, а то мы бы знали к кому обратиться для следующей фотосессии :) Спасибо огромное ещё раз!

Лена и Роман

Laure & Jeppe

May 24, 2018

Dear Elena, 


Thank you so much from the two of us for the beautiful pictures and videos! They are incredibly moving, joyful and they reflect perfectly how magic and "hyggeligt" that day was!

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your amazing work,

Laure & Jeppe

Ewa & Kyle

February 23, 2018

Me and my husband, we had the wedding shooting with Elena in Copenhagen, end of Feb. OMG, what the time it was - fantastic! The weather was really cruel that time, yet Elena knew how to conduct the whole session in such conditions. She leads 'her client' perfectly, she knows how to make some nice, comfortable and creative atmosphere of the photo session. Good timing, warm contact with client, no waste-shooting - full professionalism!
And her works, wow! She knows how to catch 'the moment'. Looking at her photos and watching her movie is like going through the most important live-moments one more time.
Good job, Elena! We adore you, Ewa & Kyle

Shobhit and Eleanor

February 22, 2018

Hi Elena,  


Thank you very much for taking such beautiful photos. We are very happy with the video as well!


Thank you!

Shobhit and Eleanor

Валерия и Павел

February 08, 2018

Огромное спасибо, замечательная работа и очень понравилось!!


Эти снимки и видео пробудили очень яркие впечатления которые навсегда останутся с нами и Вы помогли их так ярко запечатлеть и сохранить.


Отличная работа! Ещё раз Большое Спасибо!

Allel & Anni

February 07, 2018

Dear Elena,

thank you very much for the great time with you! You made our wedding day on 08.02.2018 from 10 am until 13:30 pm in Copenhagen more special then you think.

We are very pleased the we decide you to be with us. You have a great talent. A good sense of humour including a corresponding Know How for a great Photographer made our time together even perfect.

We are speechless about the brilliant and awesone video you made and the absolutely natural pictures of us. You have captured every romantic moment of our wedding. That touched us very deeply.

We love you and wish you all the best of the world 🌹 

Allel & Anni Bekkara ❤ Greetings from Munich 🎈

Juliana & Tim

January 26, 2018

Thank you so much Elena!

It was amazing job.

You have such a nice talent.

Crisbel & Sjors

January 19, 2018

Awesome, thank you so much!

We Love The pictures and was a Great Time, we really enjoyed. 

Andrea & Jithin

December 21, 2017

Hi Elena,

Thank you very much for the photos. They are absolutely stunning and natural (We are proud of our modeling too :P).
The video has come out really good and scenes match too good to the music. We are very much satisfied with the results and it was a real pleasure working together with you. We thank you once again for capturing our precious moments and expressing it wonderfully.

With Best Regards,

Jithin, Andrea & Family

Christine & Carl

December 15, 2017

Dear Elena! Thank you very much, you did a great job! Highly recommended!

Ольга и Арсений

December 11, 2017

Здравствуйте, Лена!

Мы посмотрели видео и фото (и уже скачали :-) ) - нам всё безумно понравилось, огромное спасибо за Вашу работу! Вы - специалист в своём деле! Очень рады были познакомиться с Вами, и теперь уж точно никогда Вас не забудем и будем вспоминать добрым словом! 


Вас и ваших близких и родных с наступающим Новым Годом! Всего самого доброго!


Оля & Арсений

Matthias & Rey

December 05, 2017

Dear Elena, 

thank you for the great Christmas present .... you are perfect ..... 

All photos are very beautiful and the video just wonderful. You have done a super good job, we are very happy that you were with us on this important day.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the coming year. 

Marina & Marc

October 15, 2017

Dear Elena,


Thank you so much for the great photos. They look amazing! The video also brought a big smile on our faces :) Now we are excited to watch it with our families and friends!


It was such a pleasure for us to work with you. 


All the best and thank you again! :) 


Best regards,

Marina & Marc

Rachel & Kris

October 13, 2017

Hi Elena,


The photos look amazing!! I've only quickly been through them, but they are really lovely. Thank you for doing a great job and thanks especially for the slide show.  It's beautiful!

Francesca & Sunandan

September 27, 2017

Hi Elena,


Thank you so much for sending the pictures and the video! We really liked them. I loved seeing parts of the ceremony that I had missed, because I wasn’t there, so it was really beautiful to be part of it now. I must say that I did get emotional looking at the video.

We really enjoyed working with you, you made the whole thing very pleasant, so thanks again!

Federica & Sandeep

September 26, 2017

Dear Elena,

Thank you for everything.

Sandeep and me liked the video and pictures so much!! The Italian speeches suit perfectly!


My best regards


Wendey & David

September 05, 2017

Hello Elena,


I just wanted to thank you so much for all your time and effort put into our photos and the video.  Our friends and family absolutely love them!  Your editing for the wedding video was awesome, and it was so much fun to watch.


If any of our friends end up in Copenhagen for a wedding or a lovely photo shoot, you can bet we will be referring you to them.


Thank you again!


Wendey and David

Brittany & Phillip

August 22, 2017


The pictures and video are all so lovely! Philippe and I just had a chance to go through them properly last weekend and it was so nice to relive some of the moments we had that day.

Thank you again!

Stefanie & Kaustubh

August 11, 2017

Dear Elena,


Thank you very much for the wonderful video and photos! Thank you very much for making our special day memorable with your beautiful work :-)


Working with you was very pleasant and we are very happy and lucky to have found you! You absolutely knew how you wanted to direct the shoot on that day, and we are very happy with the results! Thank you again :-)


We both wish you a great success with your business, and that you keep on making other weddings memorable just like you did ours!


Warm wishes and greetings from Hamburg

Stefanie & Kaustubh

Kimberly & Andy

August 09, 2017

Elena was recommended to me and my husband-to-be through a Danish wedding planning service. She was quick to answer my questions and confirm the date, and it was reassuring to have her with us at the Copenhagen City Hall just prior to the ceremony as she is familiar with the way everything works!

She captured fantastic memories for us, both photo and video, and was able to herd our group of 'rowdy' wedding guests into some wonderful photographs, as well as giving us guidance on how to pose. We will treasure these moments forever with the images she has taken. 

Thank you so much, Elena! All the best to you!

Monika & Fakhar

July 20, 2017

Dear Elena,


Thank you so much. The photos are really great, but is was the video that got us completely blown away! Wow!


I cried like a baby watching it for the first time. The video perfectly captures our happiness after we said "I do", the intimacy of that moment as well as love and care that we have for one another. It brought so much joy to our parents, siblings and friends, who also shed some tears of joy when watching it. It's amazing!


Thank you very much again. You've done such a great job! And the beautiful photos that you took for us will bring wonderful memories whenever look at them.



Best regards,

Monika & Fakhar

Gal & Ayal

July 19, 2017

Hey Elena!

Thank you so much for this album and video!

We watched the pictures and they look AMAZING!

Thanks again for joining us on this special day, you really made our experience unforgettable with your professional touch (and tips) !!


Best Regards!

Gal & Ayal

Nina & Thorsten

July 06, 2017

Dear Elena,


THANKS A LOT!!! Pictures and film became more than great! We are totally overwhelmed and happy! You did a fantastic job!! 

Kind regards,

Nina & Thorsten

Gauhar & Zhanibek

July 01, 2017

Thank you very much for spectacular photos and love story, Lena! Lena has a great talent, always answers on time, very easy to communicate and always ready to adjust to your needs. Highly recommend her for anyone! You will not regret. You will see how passionate she is about her job from the first minutes.

Anna & Urban

June 29, 2017

Hi Elena,


Thank you so much for the pictures. Both Anna and I love them and the video you made was a big hit at our wedding celebration in Germany last week!


Thanks for being part of this unforgettable experience!

Best wishes,

Urban & Anna

Anh and Celsio

June 27, 2017

Elena, these are gorgeous!! The video is so cute and such a great memento of our trip, and the photos are amazing! Thank you for investing so much creativity and effort -- you went beyond what we expected!

Ilza & Tobias

June 21, 2017

Dear Elena,


Thank you so much for the photos, they are amazing! We absolutely love them! 

This is exactly what we wanted. 

Thank you again for capturing our wedding in such a great and memorable way. It was a pleasure to have you as our photographer. 


Good luck for the future and best regards, 

Ilza and Tobi

Tanya and Andrea

June 19, 2017

Hi Elena, these pictures are AMAZING!!! We are so so so happy see them and cannot express even how much we were lucky to choose such a great photographer as you!


Thank you also for cool moments of photo shooting and incredible result!! 



Ирина, Евгений и Кирюша

June 18, 2017

Лена, привет!

Фотографии просто восторг!!! Спасибо! :) Любуюсь второй день. Вы очень талантливый и терпеливый фотограф, было очень приятно познакомиться. :)  Видео такое трогательное, прямо до слез. Фотографии потрясающие.
Спасибо за этот замечательный день, который теперь всегда с нами!

Ира, Женя и Кирюша


Ella & Nils

May 27, 2017

Excellent job!! 
She captured our beautiful day who will be always make us smile to see every pic! 
Highly recommended!!

Stephanie & Leif

May 25, 2017

J'ai eu le souffle coupé quand j'ai regardé la video de notre mariage. Merci infiniment Elena d'avoir capturé ces moments. Les photos sont parfaites et elles reflètent bien l'émotion du moment. Tu as été très patiente tout en restant très professionnelle. Les photos sont magnifiques. Merci!

Anton van Peppen

May 10, 2017


Your work is amazing. I shed a few tears while watching watching the video. You brought the feeling of the wedding back to us who could not be there.  

Best money i ever spent.

Estelle & Anders

April 28, 2017

What a great portfolio Elena made for us after our wedding! We are so happy with the wedding photos and the video, real art work! Would have rated six stars if possible. Great thanks Elena from Estelle & Anders

Ayah & Rana

April 20, 2017

Elena is a very talented videographer/photographer. I work in the advertising industry and I never saw someone work with such passion and care for us and the work delivered. The video she made for my wedding was beautiful and very sentimental, any revisions I requested were done with so much detail and her presence and deliverables made my wedding day perfect! Her dedication to deliver the best was shown through my experience with her and she made our video look so natural and yet with so much love and emotion. 

Marisha Høst

April 18, 2017

Tusinde mange tak, Elena. Hvor ER det bare nogle fantastiske fotos, vi er så glade for dem. TAK <3 

Tusind tak for den flotte video, jeg (vi) blev virkelig rørt, da jeg så den. Du er så dygtig!