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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you different from any other photographers?

I'm not only a photographer, but also a videographer. I can see a story behind every photo shooting, whose subject I need to tell in the language of pictures, so I really feel like a photo-writer or even a director. It is good to know, that each picture is unique, like a puzzle of your own story.  I foretell these stories in my unique video-films, each of which is an essential summary of such arrangements as weddings, baptism ceremonies, family shootings, engagements or even travels to a new city.

Does it mean, that you also capture video?

Yes, I do! But I do not create traditionally long and sometimes boring movies, covering several hours of celebrations, which are difficult to watch until the end. I make bright, emotional and dynamic videos that can touch, awaken memories, bring a smile and tears - and not fall asleep at the end. Such a pleasure to watch this kind of video with family or share them on social networks with your friends! You can take a look at some examples here

Do you edit all the pictures after the photo session?

I take pictures only in RAW format, so after the photo shooting all the pictures need to be “prepared”. I make light and color correction, cropping and sharpening for each picture and also remove all the visible skin imperfections: bruising, acne etc. A more detailed processing such as removal of unwanted people or objects at the photo, deep retouching of faces (nasolabial folds, bags under the eyes, face sculpture etc), can be made for 10 pictures, selected by customer after a preliminary agreement with me.

Can we get the RAW-files?

The copyright of photographs remains with the Photographer. The images taken by the Photographer are for personal use by the Clients and their friends and relatives. The Photographer remains the right to use pictures for professional samples, displays, Internet website pages, advertising, exhibitions, contests, and any other purposes. 
Copyrights can be transferred to the customer for extra charge or under special circumstances.
The raw files remain the property of the Photographer.

Shall we meet before the photo session?

A personal contact is always great! To see each other, share the ideas, ask all the exciting questions - all this is very helpful for the coming photo session. However, if time and/or distance make a personal meeting impossible, we can surely use our phones and messengers. I am available on WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and Facebook any time of the day.

When will the pictures and video be ready?

I do my best to take a minimum of "extra" shots, which significantly affects the process of post-retouching. Average time of readiness is usually about 3 weeks; in the "high" season this time may be prolonged up to 4 weeks.

How will the pictures and video be delivered?

The most simple and fast solution is a file sharing system. Pictures and a Wedding Video are loaded into an individual folder, and a customer gets a personal link to it. It is an online gallery with possibility to download all selected files in original quality.  You can easily share the link with friends and family.

Do I need to pay a deposit before the photo session?

Normally, I don’t need a deposit. But thanks for asking!

How can I pay?

You can make a payment:
a) in cash in Danish krones; 
b) by bank transfer.
Please note, that a Customer pays all possible additional fees and taxes while using any non-cash payment methods. 

When do I need to pay after the photo session?

Payments in cash have to be made exactly in the end of photo shooting; the non-cash payments have to be paid within 10 days after the shooting date.

I haven’t found a suitable package among presented on the web-page; could you make an individual offer for me?

The packages represented on the web-pages are the most popular ones. If you haven’t found the package of services, you were looking for, tell me about your wishes – it will be my pleasure to create an individual offer for you.

We are from another country and are going to spend in Denmark only a couple of days. How can we be sure that we will get our photos after making the payment and returning home?

In addition to the recommendations from my previous customers, professional ethics and human confidence I always provide you with a contract for wedding photography and videography services. All the terms of our cooperation, as well as the commitments to each other will be written and confirmed with our signatures.

Do you take pictures only in Copenhagen area or travel to other places in Denmark/the world?

I live in the capital region of Denmark and mostly work here. You don’t need to pay any additional transportation costs, if the location is within 50 kilometers from Copenhagen. In a case of driving to a more remote location, the customer pays the transportation costs such as fuel costs (3 DKK / 1 km) and possible paid bridges, roads and ferries. But to be honest: if the one-way trip’s going to take 3 hours, and a photo session - only 2 hours, I probably would have to refuse you.
When ordering a photo shooting in another country, the customer has to provide the photographer tickets and accommodation.

How does the photo shooting process go? I’m not an experienced model.

99% of my clients are people with very little photographic experience. Therefore, one of my main goals is to overcome your fear of the camera. I help planning the shooting day, develop the best route, choose the right foreshortenings for you and suggest the ideas for shooting. In order to get a visual impression I’d like to ask you to send me a few pictures:  in the full-length and close-up.
I also help with the selection of accessories, choice of style etc.
During the photo session I support and guide you. Just be yourself - I'll take care of everything else.

We don’t need a 2-hour’s photo session. Is it possible to reduce the small package?

My huge experience in the area of photography shows, that 2 hours is the minimum time, required for a photo- and video shooting in a comfortable tempo and atmosphere - and also for reaching some really good results afterwards. However, if you are ready to run in the sprinter’s rhythm and move from one location to another as fast as possible – and get a smaller amount of pictures, I can discuss with you a reduction of the small package.
Furthermore, these packages do not include video films that are always so popular with customers.

Do you make a photo route in advance?

I always create a detailed photo route, based on client’s preferences. If you are not familiar with the area, I can surely advise a few beautiful and varied walking routes.

How can one calculate time? Shall the time, spent on driving/walk from one location to another, also be calculated?

When you order one or another package, you book me on a certain number of hours. It literary means that, even if I do not take pictures constantly, I’m always in full readiness and your disposal. Shooting time is counted from the start of previously agreed time point, no matter if the client has come to the photo shooting on time or late, and ends with the last captured image.

What if it rains?

I always check the forecast on If the time and date of photo session can be changed, we will find a more appropriate day for it. In a case of wedding or any other event that cannot be delayed, I always have a backup plan B!

Our time is over, but we would like to prolong it. Can we do that?

I plan on the shooting time that way, that there is always a big period of time between two or more photo sessions on the same day in order to be in full possession of the client. Overtime has to be extra-paid.

How to get married in Copenhagen?

Denmark is a country, where your dreams come true, and where love is in the air! It is not a surprise, that it is so easy to get married in Copenhagen, one of the most romantic city in the world. ​
My dear colleagues from wedding bureau "Getting Married in Denmark" have written an article about getting married in Copenhagen, which can be very useful for couples planning their special ceremony in our magical city. ​
Love is all you need (to get married in Denmark)! ;-)

Can you recommend a good stylist/MUA, hairdresser and florist?

Over many years in the photo industry I was lucky to meet a few excellent professionals, whom I’m really proud to recommend.  I will be glad to share their contacts with you.

Do you shoot large/small/Christian/Muslim/Jewish/gay/non-religious weddings?

Yes, of course!  It would be my pleasure to document your celebration of any faith, non-faith, or orientation.

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